About Us

We are a locally family owned business serving the greater Knoxville area, along with the majority of the surrounding cities. Our bouncy rentals are safe, clean, high quality, and guaranteed to provide an amazing time for your guests, especially the kids. We deliver and set all rentals on time, and always double check our setup to assure maximum safety. Call us today at (865) 316 - 8467 to reserve your rental or simply book online. We can also be reached by email.

We love for our customers to secure the rental of their choice, which is why we always suggest that you inquire one to two weeks in advance. Our inflatables fly fast during the warmer times of the year, booking in advance will boost your chances of securing your rental of choice.

What about Laser Tag? Laser tag has been around for years. However, up until recently, it has always been confined to indoor family entertainment centeres. Advancements in technology have allowed the laser tag game to be transported anywhere. It's now known as many different names. Whether you call it laser tag, mobile laser tag, indoor laser tag, outdoor laser tag, tactical laser tag, or even phazer tag, one thing is for certain. With Laser Tag Knoxville's technology No more small, unrealistic looking taggers. Instead, you will feel as though you are actually in battle. Our taggers look more realistic, and you're going to notice the difference immediately. We only rent the highest quality laser tag equipment, which means that you and your guests can battle from up to 100 yards away!
We've heard it over and over again. Our product is better and more fun than the indoor family fun center that people have been going to for years. However, that doesn't mean that our taggers can't be used indoors. Turn your church, school, or even your home, into a closed quarters battle ground. If you're outside, we'll bring the inflatable bunkers and barriers you will need to turn your battle field into a well-protected fortress.

Whether you're playing inside or outside, one thing is for certain. Everyone's going to have a blast! All you need to do is decide how many guests will be competing and pick a package that accomodates that amount of guests. Do you have more guests than our packages offer? That's okay too! Pick a package that best suits your needs and you will be prompted to rent additional taggers. Unlike the local indoor laser tag, you and your guests will have the equipment to yourselves, so there will be no shortage of time allowed to play.

Our inflatables, range from bounce house combos, 18 ft slides, 22 ft slides, a18 ft wet slide with slip -n- slide to an 63 ft. obstacle course. We offer clean, santized and safe inflatables and mobile laser tag.

Laser Tag and Inflatables of Knoxville is the only company in Knoxville that offers this unique party rental experience. Whether you're planning a birthday party, school or church event, or even looking to have corporate team building seminar, mobile laser tag is the perfect solution for you! Thank you for choosing Laser Tag and Inflatables of Knoxville and giving us a "shot". We look forward to serving you soon!